Sunday, August 3, 2008

Installation of Fanco 42" Ceiling fan. Bad service cum bad fan performance

Bought a Fanco brand, model F318 M5 42" ceiling fan from Kessler Home Furnishing at Causeway Point on 29th Jul 08, installation was done at 3.30pm on 2nd Aug 08. The fan was working fine until 9.30pm when it triggered power trip. This fan cost me $260 with installation and 3 lights. I found out later that this is very much overpriced.

Called Roy the saleman from Kessler to highlight the problem, I guessed he probably have an idea of this particular problem, the 1st question he asked was "is the light pulp is normal type or the power saving type?" It was the normal yellow round type with power rating of 40w, 3pcs needed for the fan.

He offered to ask the insallation guy to give me a call to verify the problem. He was very reluctant saying that it must be other source that triggered the trip rather than his installation work for the fan that trigger. But it was a very logical thinking that the fan was the only changes made yesterday, so far in 3 years, I have none power trip happened in this house except after the fan installed.

anyway, the problem was due to some unknown root cause which I think the guy also blur like sotong why there was electric leaking. His service was like shit that he don't bother to explain, i guess maybe he know shit about what happened or he like to sabo us to believe that his installation has no problem. Hell was his lausy skills that causing my family surfered the 2 hours without electricity.

And some thought about the Fanco 42" fan, honestly speaking I am dissappointed by the performance of this 42" fan which you only feel the breexe when you sit directly underneath or else hardly feel any wind...the main reason I bought this fan is to substitude the 7 yrs old KDK table fan which in turn to replace the living room Philip table fan which was given to me by L few years back. I was so excited about the ceiling fan and with full of hopes that it would easily replace what it can do, but too bad to my expetation. Pui...

Will call Roy the saleman to complain the low level servicing work by his contractor.
will update the picture of the fan later...

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