Monday, September 1, 2008

MacRitchie Reservoirs jungle tracking...

Wake up 6.10am this morning and reach MacR about 8.20am by SMRT bus No.855 (Bus No.852 is faster by one stop but since 855 came first that day) from Yishun Interchange . Start the journey from MacR all the way to Bukit Timah reserves and having lunch and some desserts to destress after a long long walk at Beauty World SC.

{Bus No.852 from Upper Bt.Timah Rd behind Beauty World SC back to Yishun Interchange}

The tracking journey took about 3.45hrs of walking of jungle track, hanging bridge and tar road. The whole journey took 5.5hrs from leaving home till back home...what a day out.

Tired but worth it, such a wonderful activity at the heard of the nature. Fresh air, greenery tree, sound of nature...etc. Not forget the HSBC Treetop walk (hanging bridge) which offer magnificent view from the height of tree top.

MacRitchie Reservoirs
Liz at the start of the MacRitchie trail beside Little Sister of the Poor

Me and my wife at the bridge entrance

L taking the picture of mine that you see on his running blog. View from the hanging bridge
KTMB :Tanjung Pagar -Woodlands railway track

MacRitchie Reservoirs to Bukit Timah Reserves trail map

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Leslie Teo said...

hohoho, we should do outing more.


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