Sunday, October 5, 2008

My lights...

2 of my lights, Fenix L0D & Ultrafire C2.

1. Fenix L0D uses 1xAAA battery. And it has the diameter of AA battery but a little longer. Has 5 outputs type: 25 Lumens (3.5hrs) -> 9 Lumens (8.5hrs) -> 75 Lumens (1hrs) -> Strobe -> SOS.
This light is insanely bright for its size, it beat Maglite hands down, even the 3D batteries Maglit not its rival, of course except beating up peoples head.

2. Ultrafire C2 uses 2xCR123 batterry also has 5 Mode Clicky Switch: Mid > Low > High > Fast Strobe > Slow Strobe
This one was bought from DealExtreme, do not have details infor about the lumen output but it is definitely brighter than L0D in every setting, but its not an fair comparison as this using 2 CR123 batt.

see the comparison pics below...
AAA, AA, L0D and Ultrafire C2

L0D compare to AA batt

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