Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Red Wing 875...finally.

Been sometimes didn;t update anything here was due to nothing worth keeping record of. But today I got something worth just that much to keep a post.

Was loitering around and walked from Bugis Bencoolen St to Orchard, bought a classic G-Shock DW-5600E at Bencoolen since the Rastafarian 5600 with 3 color bands was unavailable anymore...

And while walking to Somerset MRT, a gravitationally 12% discount sign for Red Wing was magically attracted to my eyes when I walked pass Famous Footwear store, so by the moment I walk into the store "the devil" that long surpress break out from hell. And finally...I got myself a Red Wing (the so called the King of Boots) after so many years its stay in my wishlists.

With 12% discount of the regular retail price of $388, so its now becoming so tempted at $341.44 even cheaper than the boutique which give only 10% discount provided only pay by Nets....cheh...and have to wait till further 7 further notice till their new stock arrive....

The uncle and the sales assistant there were friendly enough to make you so comfortably trying boots and chatting to them, they told me that this 12% off thingy is something never happened before and I probably won't see it again in future...Well...we'll see....

So here are some of pic for sharing...enjoy.

Tried both 9D and 9E, found that 9E was more comfortable with more feet room for movement.
Was the 02/08 denotes produced in Feb 2008???
9E is one size smaller than my usuall Size10 in sports shoe.
Nevertheless, its still have plenty of room in front my toes.
Waxes highly recommended by the uncle at the store. Was told that this kind of special wax only avalable here the whole Singapore, and it is the best shoe oil available, even better than the "big tree" brand and the wing brand. But I find that it smell like coconut oil.


Leslie Teo said...

wa lao, I think it's the same store that day I sms you one. Some hotel there. :-)

Tamages said...

Yep, I believe its the only store along that street carry RW shoes.

I aware of this store for a very long time, but always don't have the feeling of going in...to my surprise they are good people though.


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