Friday, October 9, 2009

Amaron Green 55B24L,AMSOIL 5W30, Denso IK16...

For the record, change my car battery on 5th Oct 2009 to Amaron for $90, the cheapest in town. Amaron always knows as one of the best battery available at the reasonable price for super long life...this battery is from India.
The last Amaron in my car was running for 3 years without fail, impressive enough in the eye of they suggest me don't wait till it die as it won't give you any sign or symptom before it die...
Engine Oil also change to a better brand from USA, AMSOIL rather than the original Toyota 5W40 which start to feel pedal heavy after running for 5000km.
Besides spark plug 'upgraded' to Iridium power from the normal copper tip.

After the change, the engine felt much-much-much more responsive and smooth...but this is expected after oil change...let's see how the smoothness changes over time...

Mileage: 74500KM
Next Service: 84500KM
Lee Hup Batteries at Sin Ming Autocare
Model : 55B24L
Series: HI-LIFE
Application :STARTING

Engine Oil: AMSOIL 5w30 100% synthetic
and the impressive comparison testing result.

Spark Plug: Denso Iridium IK16
and some facts about Iridium...and its not from this planet @_@!!!
Where does Iridium come from?
A. Fifty million years ago, an asteroid composed almost entirely of the precious metal Iridium (Ir-77) struck the earth, creating the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting dust cloud destroyed most living things and ended the dinosaurs reign on earth.
Q. What makes Iridium better?
A. Until recently, platinum was considered the best material to use on the top of an electrode because of its durability. However, Iridium is 6 times harder, 8 times stronger, and has a melting point 1200 degrees higher than platinum. Put that into a harsh environment such as an engine piston chamber, and you have a spark plug that can resist wear much better than platinum. Additionally, the DENSO Iridium Power alloy is so durable; it allowed our engineers to produce the world’s smallest center electrode (.4mm) which reduces the voltage requirements, concentrating its sparking power. Also, its smaller size, combined with the tapered U-Groove ground electrode, allows more room for the flame kernel to develop and produce a more efficient combustion.

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