Thursday, January 6, 2011

Opening unreceived item case after 45 days with eBay

Last dates, if you don't get the item you won or in the condition as advertised:

* 03 days after the estimated delivery date or 07 days after payment date (if you weren't given an estimated delivery date): First date to file with eBay, and have not heard from your seller. Consider pulling seller's ID info and phoning him/her if emails remain unanswered.

* 07 days after payment: Seller can lose PayPal Seller Protection if item not shipped by this date.

* 20 days after payment: Seller can lose PayPal privileges if widget not sent by this date

* 30 days after payment: last date for seller to ship without violating FTC rules. (If no earlier date was specified in the auction, and no Delay Option notice was approved by buyer)

* 45 days after payment: last date for buyer to file a Dispute with PayPal, through the PayPal Resolution Center (to get a refund, the Dispute must be escalated to a Claim within 20 days). (Note: if you file with PayPal, you cannot file with eBay, and vice-versa)

* 45 days after payment: last date for buyer to file a Case with eBay. (The seller has 7 days from the time you open the case to reply. You should receive a refund within 3 days of the seller promising a refund or within 10 days of the seller receiving the returned item. If you haven't received a refund by then, contact eBay through the eBay Resolution Center or the eBay Contact us link.

* 60 days after Credit Card invoice: May be last date for buyer to file a chargeback with CC company (although some CC companies allow 90 days) (Note: If you file a CC Chargeback, that will invalidate any PayPal or eBay claim process)

* 6 months after purchase: last date to file a Mail Fraud Complaint (this may not get your money refunded)


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