Friday, September 2, 2011

Repair my Denon UD-M30

My 10 years old Denon UD-M30 laser lens head unit and the CD tray motor failed finally after many month of shaking when I need it to detect and play, remembering this is the first present from my wife who used her 1st month salary to buy which cost $499.

Was surfing the net for the pass few weeks for infor of where to have it repair and finally decided to try my luck at Sim Lim Tower, one nice uncle actually lender his help when i try to ask a shop owner where can I repair this unit. The fact that he is a hi-fi man (as he claims it). Straight away he told me it was due to the laser head unit EOL.

Had it change at HI-TEK, Level 3, Sim Lim Tower shop for considerably cheap. And now its good to go for another 10 years, YEAH!!!.

Here some pictures of the parts being replaced.
Denon using Sanyo laser head unit (PN: SF-P101N) with Mabuchi motor.


Anonymous said...

I have a UD-M30 as well. There are two version of SF-P101N, 16 and 15 PINS. Which one is the right one?

Tamages said...

Maybe you'd like to give HI-TEK a call?
I have no idea of the 15 and 16 pins...

RW said...

hi. so i replaced with a new SF-P101N part but the cd is still not spinning. Do i need to get the CD tray motor? I thought the cd tray motor is to open/close the cd tray which works perfectly fine. I suspect the it has got to do with the sensor of some sort.


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