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Denso Platinum TT

Service the car today using the Denso Platinum TT
Miilleage : 123000km ( to change in 223000km)

According to Denso, Platinum tip has service life of 100,000km.

Types of DENSO Spark Plugs

DENSO's Spark Plug programme for aftermarket customers offers an advanced ignition solution for every driving need:


DENSO's Standard Spark Plug range features our pioneering, patented U-groove OE technology with nickel plated electrodes. Perfect for general motoring, this plug delivers superb plug ignition reliability, longer life and exceptional engine performance.


Many of today's cars use platinum, long-life spark plugs. DENSO pioneered this technology, applying erosion-resistant platinum to the centre and ground electrodes to maximise plug longevity and durability. DENSO's Platinum Spark Plugs are capable of consistent, extended operation of up to 100,000 km.

Twin Tip

A true world first, DENSO's patented Twin Tip (TT) Spark Plugs feature a nickel centre and a 'twin' protruding ground electrode with a slimmer 1.5mm diameter. This highly ignitable, durable technology achieves ignition efficiency closer to DENSO's premium Iridium ranges, without expensive precious metals. Aimed at drivers seeking fuel savings and reduced emissions along with responsive, reliable ignition performance, DENSO's TT Spark Plugs are suitable for LPG as well as petrol engines. The range is also highly consolidated: only seven part references offer enough applications to cover 80% of the top selling European cars.

Iridium Power

DENSO's Iridium Power Spark Plugs bring all the benefits of iridium technology to the mainstream motorist. Designed for drivers who demand great acceleration and powerful performance – whatever type of car they drive – DENSO's Iridium Power Plugs are extremely tough and wear-resistant, with superb ignitability. Responding to increasingly strict European emissions legislation and the rising cost of petrol, another important benefit for motorists is that Iridium Power Plugs can improve fuel economy by up to 5% compared to standard plugs.

Iridium Tough®

Iridium Tough® Spark Plugs combine all the performance advantages of DENSO's Iridium Power with long-life Platinum technology, producing an extended lifetime of up to 100,000 km. This extra durability offers motorists a longer service interval and reduced plug maintenance. DENSO's Iridium Tough range also reduces vehicle emissions and improves fuel economy by up to 5% compared with most standard spark plugs. And they perform exceptionally well in the demanding environment of LPG engines.

From 2011 DENSO customers can also benefit from our world-first, double-needle Iridium Tough Spark Plug technology, developed specially for the aftermarket. Delivering Super Ignition Plug (SIP) performance at an even more competitive price, the new plugs feature both a 0.4 mm iridium centre electrode and a 0.7mm needle-type platinum alloy ground electrode. This double needle electrode has a less quenching effect on the spark, allowing rapid development of the flame kernel and optimising engine power.

Iridium Racing

DENSO's unique Iridium Racing plugs feature iridium-rhodium alloy and a platinum tip on the ground electrode – for ultimate acceleration, engine output, ignition and spark voltage out on the circuit. These ultimate plugs have been specially tested and developed by DENSO for top level motor racing to give drivers superb engine response and unbeatable reliability – even in the most demanding conditions.

Iridium CoGen

Iridium CoGeneration (CoGen) is a unique range of robust, even more reliable Iridium Spark Plugs. Developed by DENSO especially for large natural gas engines such as stationary industrial machinery, Iridium CoGen Spark Plugs combine all the performance benefits of iridium technology with a number of additional efficiency advantages. With a choice of Saver Performer, Iridium Saver and Iridium Saver DDI (DENSO Double Iridium) CoGen Spark Plugs, there is a plug to suit every gas engine need.

Super Ignition (SIP)

Invented by DENSO in 2003, our ground-breaking fine-wire Super Ignition (SIP) Spark Plugs represent the next generation iridium/platinum technology. As such they have become the original equipment of choice for leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. Featuring not one but two ultra-fine, highly durable centre and ground electrodes, DENSO SIP Plugs produce exceptional spark and performance to improve ignitability – even in the demanding environment of lean-burn petrol engines. They also deliver better cold-start performance at temperatures as low as -30°C.

LPG Spark Plugs

With an increasing number of vehicles converting from petrol to LPG operation in Europe, more drivers of LPG operated cars are looking for spark plugs that fully meet the requirements of LPG engines. The operating temperature in a LPG engine is much higher than in petrol engines as the gas/air mixture burns at a higher temperature; making it unsuitable for most spark plug types. However, the DENSO Iridium Tough® range is the optimal solution for gas operated engines. Featuring the world's smallest 0.4mm diameter iridium centre electrode and a platinum tip at the ground electrode, DENSO Iridium Tough Spark Plugs deliver the highest possible performance and longevity for LPG engines.

Motorcycle Spark Plugs

DENSO's integrated Motorcycle, Small Engine & Marine Spark Plugs programme brings biking, boating and specialist engine parts together in one range – making it easier for customers to find the right OE quality spark plugs to match their non-passenger vehicle needs. Continually updated and expanded, the DENSO self-manufactured range covers over 11,000 applications, including spark plugs for motorcycles, karts, quad bikes, snowmobiles, small motors, jet-skis and marine inboard & outboard motors. With all-makes coverage, there's a DENSO Spark Plug for almost every rider looking for first-time starts and a powerful, fuel-efficient ride.

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