Friday, March 22, 2013

make faster decision everyday?
when you have too many people making the decision the decision can't really moved fast especially when they contradict each other with the primary thinking for their own agenda.

when those form the lower level has the power to make their own decision, what so is the authority of the manager? would they be happy enough to give away that power, its against their will, it think.

unless everyone in sg has the spirit of "one for all, all for one", it is unlikely that we have a team hat move fast enough with market changes.

and unless those from the management level believe this and start acting from within, " walk the talk" so to speak and not waiting for the next person to start, this likely to take off.

listen and do less talking...but what manage does other than talking and waiting for good amount of information to make informed decision, however a good manage able to make correct decision with small amount of information available. What so special to make decision when all information available?

managers likely enjoying the benefit/power over controlling staffs but lack the gut to hold the responsibility to make decision therefore meeting required to have everyone share the responsibility should anything goes wrong. then finger would start pointing....

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