Wednesday, January 15, 2014


While it is important to focus on our external customer it equally important to focus on the internal one as when the product is good only internally we can assure that they are good for externally.

When it would makes the some of the support department happy when those data available but it would be more economical if the core department benefited from this as they are the biggest stakeholder.

End vision is to be able to have data availability, new data or the understanding of data. Which is more important when most still don't understand the available data.

How about end vision to have 100% yield of what we produce?
While Dr trigger is annoying when the triggering up to this level we shall not forget  internally we are facing the failure too just that didn't got to be triggered but that doesn't mean things are good.

Without even showing on the small scale of what our team can do how we can build the working rapport with the process team when we request for KPIV?

While it is good to have vision of systems intelligent that able to do some magic works.
For now it is better rely on human intelligent to do it as we are have adaptive but systems doesn't, at least for now.

OK, enuff of bullshit.

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