Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Collection of Good Engrg Sentences

Manf. Process:
 - Understand the sources of variation 
 - Detect the presence and degree of variation 
 - Understand the impact of variation on the process and ultimately on product attributes 
 - Control the variation in a manner commensurate with the risk it represents to the process       and product
 - Focusing exclusively on qualification efforts without also understanding the manufacturing    process and associated variations may not lead to adequate assurance of quality

Certainty, Resilient, Stakeholders, Low-Hanging Fruits, Actionable

Cover all directions of the compass: 
Try to make things acceptable for all stakeholders

Sing from the same hymn sheet: 
Show a united front of everyone understanding and saying the same thing to customers or service users

Touch base: 
To meet up with a colleague to discuss progress

Joined-up thinking: 
Discussing the viewpoints of each organization and coming to an agreement or compromise

End-user perspective: 
What a customer thinks of a product or service or how they feel having to or after using a product service. What is thought about one of your items or services sold by a third party

If life was as simple as you make it seem, none of us would own anything of quality because, after all, a shirt is a shirt as long as you’re not naked; a bus can get you someplace as fast as a car; and a cardboard box can keep the rain off your head as well as a home.

"thin-slicing" -  filtering out the very few factors that matter from an overwhelming number of variables

Transparency is vital helping us understand & accurately anticipate the behaviour of the tool. The mysterious black box is nobody's friend.

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