Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shork Absorber Renewal

A 11 year old 2005 Toyota Altis required to have the part renew so to avoid surprises at the end of final year before scrapping. Front suspension has been changed 5 years ago, rear has think it is time to have them renew for safety reason and comfort level.

Below are related components to to shock absorber which as the main parts.
Still waiting to collect the Toyota Original Shocks which cost around $233...
after that, need to send all these parts to workshop for installation.
Plan to do it in Msia to save on exchange rate....
In Sg labor cost for fixing 1 shock is $30, while in Msia RM30, that's 66% cheaper!

All supporting parts : Total Cost $235

Rear Bumper Bush $

 Front shock absorber mounting $56/pc

Front suspension linkage $25/pc

Front suspension bumper stopper  $

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