Thursday, September 24, 2020

Enkei RPF1 Rim size informations


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Terminology of British Isles

Monday, October 7, 2019

Rolex Lume History

Prior – 1953, The early age of Rolex luminous, used on their pocket watches, early oyster cases, bubble backs and radiomir Panerai’s.

1953 – 1956, When Rolex introduced the world their sports / utility / tool watch concept with radium Submariner, TOG, Explorer & GMT Master.

1957 – 1960, When Rolex lowered radiation and chanced dial printing from 1 to 2 colored print and enhanced the lacquer to a more glossy variant.

1960 – 1963, The pre ‘Transitional” period with “Exclamation” mark and due to the starting international regulation, again less radioactive luminous.

1963 – 1964, “Transitional” underline of which Rolex switched from Radium to Trtium, delivered dials are “swiss” signed but laminated with tritium.

1964 – 1967, The new generation tritium luminous got added on glossy dials, signing chanced from “Swiss” to “Swiss – T<25 amp="" div="" wiss-t="">

1967 – 1983, The matte dial with tritium luminous got introduced by Rolex. We see tritium signings variations like T Swiss T<25 div="" or="" t-swiss-t="">

1983 – 1997, The last era of the tritium dials when the glossy dial surface came back, now the luminous was added in a added white gold surround.

1998- 2000, LumiNova was invented in 1993 and patented in 1995; Nemoto & Co. Ltd. was contracted in 1998 to provide LumiNova to Switzerland.

2000 – 2008, Super Luminova, a improved version of Luminova, a material that has the same properties as tritium but is not radioactive.

2008 – now, Chroma Light, the new blue-ish colored Super Luminova thats been in use since Rolex patented it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Spectacles OLIVER PEOPLES OV5371D 1007 (51) WINNETT

After 5 years 7 months the Dun-2051 in service, now its time to change to something more nerdy glasses of Oliver Peoples Winnett, this frame is wide enough for my comfort of not pressing on my temple, it is always difficult for me to find a suitable spectacle without causing too much pressure on my temple and resting on the back of the ear.

Model: OV5371D 1007 (51) WINNETT

Shop: Jamco Optical Katong Shopping Centre
Lens: Digital Lens Zeiss 1.6 Photofusion Grey $420

Monday, September 17, 2018

Type of Hotel Beds

Type of hotel beds :

Single = 1 single bed
Twin = 2 x single bed
Double = 1 bed (the size is called double)
Queen = 1 queen bed
King = 1 king bed

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Anker Powerline Series Design Differences

All with weight strength of 80KG.
The + version are with braided cable and with 2 part color n the head design.


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