Friday, November 21, 2008

Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Dimensions

Max. Size Unfolded : 145 x 107 x 38
Folded Size : 104 x 71 x 31
Folded Size (front wheel removed) : 91 x 71 x 31
Folded Size (front wheel & seat removed) : 91 x 56 x 31
Shipping Carton Dimensions : 94 x 79 x 31
Weight – Bike Only : 13.15 kg
Compressing/Stretching Time : under 30 seconds
Max Rider Weight : 104.3 kg
Rider Max. Height : 198 cm

The allowable folded bicycle size to board SMRT: 114 x 64 x 36cm


Leslie Teo said...

Good can carry into MRT.. :-D

Tamages said...

suddenly so many ppl interested in Parapara, you saw the post at smbf and hardwarezone forum.

so probably I will get one myself admitedly. I like the frame design so much.

Tamages said...

I am now contactng another importer which he quote me 1.2K but with waiting time of abt 2 mths.

Abt the same price as Sheares but cheaper.

Leslie Teo said...

if no need to pay up front, i think can wait, but why take such a long time?

Tamages said...

dunno why takes so long, maybe they ship thru sea.
they said want to sms the email to me but never receive, its really wondering me are we in financial crisis, what the heck with their customer service when we wanted to buy from them....kns.

Tamages said...

and one more thing...
the bike in the box could not fit into taxi boot lar, i check with balck-technology guy who has the same bike in his shop now...

he is selling for $1450 cash.

Leslie Teo said...

so probably will get it around or after new year's time. so finally what's the best price, including the carry bag?

Leslie Teo said...

Finally so we wait the 4-6 weeks delivery?

Tamages said...

the other supplier old me that montague US no longer producing this paratrooper, so i ask Sheares to check, if really no more stock, then they will refund 100%. So keep your finger cross.

yes, 4 to 6 weeks, too bad not able to reach before Christmas..

I start questioning i really need a tactical bike to go NTUC to buy toilet paper???

Mike Tan said...

Hi. I was looking for Montague X50 and came across your blog. Cool. Just couple of questions to ask about this Montague foldie... Does MRT allows this bike? Cos I know is off by about 7cm according to its rules. Let me know cos I travel by using public transport. Thanks Mike.

Tamages said...

Hi Mike,

Sorry that I can't give you the is check with SMRT.

But I think if you use the Soft Carrying Case, the bike will deceivingly look smaller.


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