Sunday, January 6, 2013

'05 Altis Wheel Bearing Noise Diagnostic

Start hearing some rhythmic noise when running, the sound gets louder when it hit ~50kmph.
However it was a wrong diagnostic result from some well known workshop (A-sv), by changing the rear wheel bearing does not get rid of the sound, another well know workshop (St-f)thinks that it was due to tyre uneven wear so they suggest to do a tyre rotation and see how thing goes...sound still persist yet the mechanic insisting it was gone due to reluctant to admit wrong diagnostic, same goes to the first workshop whose change my rear wheel bearing. 

Finally went to another workshop (Rvi)for third opinion, and the experienced mechanics confirm me confidently its was due to the front wheel bearing, before try to explain to him what to hear for, he said....shhh....
and he telling me back is that the sound bothering me...and he also can feel the slight numbing vibration coming from under the carriage. 

Total damage: 
Front: $347.75 (parts, labour & alignment)
Rear: $256 (parts) + $100 labour

Also to mention the stupid mechanics telling me it was tyre unevenness and did a unnecessary tyre rotation. $35.

Total: ~$750

Front wheel bearing (old and new)

Rear wheel bearing

Old rear wheel bearing after 7 year on service.


Anonymous said...

i have change also both front and 1side rear due to noise ride.

Now got new new noise, not so strong but looks like have to change another side rear. This thing was happen when i change my 4 tyres to bigger size 205/55/16 china made. Now change back to 195/55/16 bridgestone.

Tamages said...


I think Bridgestone is a very good tire, not much you can save by using China Made if you average them out.
I always willing to pay slightly higher price for better tire as its a critical item to safety.


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