Sunday, January 6, 2013

Borang W and passport application

Application of "Borang W" is at the Consular section which is on the right of the embassy, when you go straight it is the immigration office (for passport application).
What documents you need:
1) Singapore birth cert
2) Both parents birth certs
3) Malaysia Marriage cert (NOT Singapore ROM cert)
4) Both parents Passports
5) S$15

Prepare 3 photoApplication for "Borang W" needs 2 photocopies of each documents mention above.
Be there early but not as early as when you applying passport, you can be there comfortably around 8-9 am and with baby (baby must be present, mother can rest at home).

They will allow you to enter using the gate beside the guard house if you are with baby or old folks with difficulty walking.

Yes, there is no car park nearby but you can drive there and park you car at the road side at the landed property nearby.

Go in and get the two borang D from the counter and filled them up, its quite a long documents to fill. This is he form for you to get the borang W which is equavalent to certificate of .

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