Friday, February 25, 2011

Toyota Altis Engine Mounting pricing

Updates 6Mar2011: Had my mounting replace by Ah K.
The car felt so much smooth and quite and engine rev also becomes much smoother. SYIOK!!!
Front 12361-0D040 FR $35

Rear 12371-0D050 RR $43

Right Side 12305-0D061 RH $75

Left Side 12372-0D051 LH $37

Edit: Got myself the parts from spare stockist for a sets of 4pcs ->$203.3 incl. GST. Ask my trusted mechanic to fix it for me. Total for less than $300.

1st choice: R***rview AMK => $400++ (Ori parts); 2 hours to complete
2nd choice: A***saver Defu => $400 ++ (Ori parts)
Others: A* A*to Northlink=> $400 ++ (Ori parts)
H***p: $???

G** au** Northlink : $460++ (Ori parts) ; 4 hours to complete


james said...

hi, I wish to change my engine mounting n shock absorber with yr mechanic"s help. I will buy my own parts too.

can u email me his contact at e052798 at g mail dot com?

thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


can sms me your mechanic contact or address? my contact is 97628798


Anonymous said...

Hello Bro,

I am also a Toyota Altis owner here.

Can email of the contact of AH Keong please...I need to change my engine mounting..

Thanks a million...

[[[[[[ }}}}}}eddile

Tamages said...

Hi Eddie,

Will send you an email.

PS: I am not in any ways affiliated to him. He injured his hands few months back, not sure when will be able to work again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
I would like to change my Toyota Altis engine mounting. Kindly forward me the contacts of Ah Keong.

My email:

Thank You.

Kind Regards,

cockadoo said...

Hey Bro
Would you mind sharing ur ctc of where to purchase the Altis engine Mounting & ctc for ur Mechanic, Thank.

My Email : ""

Tamages said...

get the mounting from Connald..

cockadoo said...

Hey Bro what abt contact for Ah keong?
Can Email me please?
My Email""
Kum Sia

Engine Mounting said...

Thanks for share about Engine mounting.. very usefull keep posting


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