Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Asics GT2110

My GT2110 had been with me since somewhen mid june 2005 till today...but to my surprise it still perform as well to my expectation.
Asics had never cross my mind before this GT, the only sports shoe brand that I would consider were either Nike or Adidas, but now Asics had taken their place.

Remembered the first time I walk into the store at Asics concept store at Marina Square, the friendly staff there really know their product well and gave me professional advice for choosing a right running shoe. When comes to serious running (although I am not).

"Chioness" is the last thing to consider, suitability/fitability/comfortability is stand above everything (when money is no concern). But at that point of time, I had already bought an not so good but ok Adidas running shoe which I think it was 1/2 size small for my feet. Those days with it was torturing to my toes. So left not much for this $180 + GT.

I wanted to have one Kayano at that time, I think it was Kayano 12 then, but due to my wide flat feet, I have to go for this GT 2E version which is wider in the sole.

On the wishlist now is Asics Kayano 14.

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