Thursday, July 24, 2008

To hang a picture frame to your wall? No drilling needed

Been told by the feng shui master to get a peony flower picture to hang on the wall.
And that wall so happen to be the wall of the bomb shelter.

Well, this has been delay for about 1 year plus till I found this peony picture that I like and affordable. So let the drilling project begin, I bought anf $16.50 power drill ,"made in china" of course or else hell to get this price...whats a rubbish anyway, the drill bit holder can't really hold the bits, the RRO and NRRO is...nabeh super runout. But that's ok, I asked myself what do you expect from this $16.50 power driller?

So I go get my drill bits ready and start drilling, no problem at all from the surface to until 1cm depth and the progress stop, I hit the I changed my drill bit to steel progress, so I walk to sun plaza to get a new steel drill bit. continued the drilling and yet no progress, then I si beh lin chat hardworking and go to causeway point to buy Bosch drill bit which I think would be harder and makes the drilling possible...

Until I came across this wonderful 3M Picture Hanging Strips.

This thing really works wonder. With 4 sets of it, it holds up an almost 4kg painting.
Each set able to hold up to 1kg of weight as according to the spec...

Lastly, the bomb shelter is really really hard, don't play play wow...

Technical Details
4 sets of small strips and 8
sets of medium strips
Enough strips to hang 2
large and 2 small pictures

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