Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to get rid of birds dropping at HDB windows

Do you have problem of bird dropping at your windows, especially if your are staying at lower HDB blocks with greeny trees in front?

I have this sickening problem for many moons before I found a method to chase those away. I've been looking for the chemical and hardware repellents at every chances I saw a DIY shop and hardware shops. To my surprise it wasn't really easy to find bird repellent at all.

Damn, the birds still stop and drop at my windows. I still continue to wash up once every couple of weeks, it depends on their like.
And then I thought of this......CATS. Bird scare of cats, yeah right. So I gave them this to scare the shit out of them.
Just paste them at your windows of problem, you'll have peace of mind.
Its not that I do not like birds, just that I do not like their dropping, it may one day toxicate you.

1 comment:

L Teo said...

Sure or not about the bird-scare (the sh*t) picture? i thought the birds will chicken out by the cats smell. hohoho...


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